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AADRL Schumacher Studio 

Location: Architectural Association. London, UK.

Year: 2014

Design Team: Delfina Bocca, Carolina Sanz, Faten El Meri, José Rodriguez.

This thesis is an investigation about the situation and consequences of interaction in the architectural space, which is observed across different methods of communication happening in certain structures of architectural theory and practice.  

Interactivity is proposed as a theoretical base point for the exploration of different characteristics of the architectural design process, permeating and linking the different parts of investigation, containing architecture, structure, computer science and social activity. 

Three main factors inform the decisions being made during the design process of the hyper house: the organisms (house, vehicle, user) and their respective assemblages. 

Mother Studio. AADRL Schumacher Studio.
Mother Studio. AADRL Schumacher Studio.

The research tries to create a direct link between architectural design concepts and the processes of building construction utilised through file-to- factory processes of CNC fabrication, Rapid prototyping or laser cutting processes. We development three areas: material aesthetic and properties, ornamental tooling, tectonic jointing and surface/structure integration. 

The emerging spatial forms will be created in direct interaction with the physical materials assembled and fused in real-time interactions within the environment. We will digitally and physically analyse the different possibilities of interconnection of the components of both systems, house and vehicle, and the interface between the systems as well. The transition between hard (core, rigid structural components or vehicle’s pod) and soft (transformable skin or mobile elements) elements with their interaction. 

Mother Studio. AADRL Schumacher Studio.
Mother Studio. AADRL Schumacher Studio.
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