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Digital Nomad at Buenos Aires International Architecture Bienal

Curation on architecture and the metaverse for Buenos Aires International Architecture Bienal 2022

The exhibiton Digital Nomad: Architecture and the Metaverse was held at PROA 21 as part of the 18th Buenos Aires International Architecture Biennial. The curation aimed to present a program that reflects on innovation and technology in contemporary architecture. Exploring data and altering realities through various installations, the exhibited works will show digital and physical interactions defining hybrid spaces. An invitation to observe and participate in a new experience, both collective and decentralized. The participating studios are Space Popular (UK), Xcessive Aesthetics (UK), Leah Wulfman (USA) and the 2038 project, submission of the German pavilion to the XVII Venice Architecture Biennale commissioned by Nikolaus Hirsch, Olaf Grawfert, Christopher Roth and Arno Brandlhuber. Curator: Delfina Bocca (Argentine architect, lives in London).

Project Gallery

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