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Casa Luna

Design collaboration with Alejandro Sticotti for a house in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2012.

The project consisted mainly in the interior refurbishment of a house in centre Buenos Aires.  The clients were a couple of young artists which made it very interesting working with them as they had a personal sense of the space and knew exactly what they wanted. The storage furniture has been designed so it can also be considered as a separate room.

The projects’ identity started by using the existing space as a white canvas to start imagining what would be the built furniture to design by keeping the space as net as possible. The needs where to build a storage room to keep all children’s toys and therefore provide a kind of minimalism in the space. Cooking was one of the main activities the family would gather to do, so the kitchen was designed to be integrated as part of the furniture layout. Inspiration came from using natural honest materials with the least amount of coatings or paint. A backyard was also integrated into the project to give a sense of interior-exterior lifestyle.

Project Gallery

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