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Casa del Sol

Design concept of a house for a private client in Buzios, Brasil. 2020.

The aim of the design is to propose lush, good lifestyle and taste from a contemporary perspective using local materials to accomplish beautiful and fresh interior living spaces.

Inspired by the french actress Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s when she decided to go to Buzios with her Brazilian boyfriend, Bob Zagury to enjoy the quieter and exclusive site. At the time, the small town had no electricity and life there was quite bucolic yet it was the simplicity of the place, in conjunction with the peninsula’s natural beauty, that made Brigitte Bardot declare her admiration. Inevitably, Búzios became a global spotlight and although other stars like Mick Jagger and Madonna followed her path, none left as much of an impression as Bardot. The place where she stayed in Búzios for the first time is now a small hotel, known as Pousada do Sol. The strip of land that connects Praia da Armação with one of the main streets in town, Rua das Pedras, was named after her, Orla Bardot. She was also honored along the oceanfront path with a bronze statue made by Christina Motta.[5] The final tribute is the only cinema in the balneary named after her: Gran Cine Bardot. Inside, there are many pictures of actors and actresses, including Brigitte’s picture and signature, which hangs on a distinctive wall.

The aim of Casa del Sol by Mother Studio is to lush good lifestyle and taste from a contemporary perspective usingn local materials to accomplish beautifual and fresh interior living spaces. 

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