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18th Venice Architecture Bienal 2023

Curation Proposal for Argentinean Pavilion at 18th Venice Architecture Bienal

Following the words of curator Lesley Lokko during the 18th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale entitled "The Laboratory of the Future" the proposal for the Argentinean pavillion proposes a collective expereince on immigration as a minority group. The objective of this proposal is to revalue the relationship between immigration and local and imported resources, creating a complex and more inclusive society in which minority groups, product of forced immigrations due to social or climatic conditions find community development and collaboration. Ceasing to be minorities, enhance their own knowledge and cultural wealth. Technology must be a tool accessible to the majority. These interactions will occur in both physical and virtual space, producing new hybrid spaces. With satellite headquarters in Buenos Aires and the main on in Venice, it aims to reach and educate those who cannot travel using digital tools. In this way, integrating both places and producing a more inclusive and sustainable sample.

Project Gallery

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