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Retail Design Buckinghamshire New University

The purpose is to design a hybrid retail space as an interface between digital and physical shopping experience. Propose a clear concept for a brand shopping experience in the designed space that can work both in the physical space as a portal for e-commerce.

The purpose of this project is for you to be imaginative and to use your creativity and ability to design a

retail space that is suitable for your chosen designer’s style and identity to attract a target market. The space needs to work as a hybrid between the physical space and digital ecommerce space. Therefore, in-depth research into the designer’s signature, brand and style are crucial to the process, plus

market research on retail interior trends and sustainable design. The style and brand of your chosen designer should not only be reflected in areas such as signage, colour, and style but a deeper thought into shape and form with a concept reflection, which should be developed and resolved.


The existing space is a blank canvas for you to draw upon and use what you have learnt so far

on creative space making, re-purpose and re-modelling existing retail interior spaces. Branding

and concept space design will be a key element to develop and should be incorporated into

your concept development portfolio.


Consider existing retail spaces that represent forward thinking aesthetics and sustainable solutions. It is argued that more than a point of sale (with internet sales rising), retail environments are increasingly becoming more of a totalretail experience,where the customer is expected to be seduced by the brand and encouraged to be itsfollower. Therefore, there is a greater need for these spaces to be iconic, spectacular, sustainable, and memorable. It is the role of the interior architect to bring this to the fashion label and to the retail industry both physically and virtually as an overall retail experience.

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