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Master on Sustainability and Mindfulness Buckinghamshire New University

As sustainable design and wellbeing are closely linked, for example passive daylight design promotes wellbeing for interior occupants, you will develop a sustainable design strategy working within a domestic framework and a specific user.

Through development, the sustainable feasibility of elements to accommodate health and wellbeing such

as building systems, new technologies, materials, lighting and relevant fixtures and fittings will be shown, to form the basis of research led design. Fundamental to this unit is the learning of how to culminate the key issues associated with sustainability, and the environmental impact of interior design practice to develop this into a resolved sustainable strategy, which promotes wellbeing. The master course focuses on the role and contribution of the interior designer in improving the environmental performance and quality of interior spaces leading to the production of finalised sustainable schemes and detailed specifications that contribute to wellbeing, this is in line with the UN's Sustainability Development Goals to introduce a broader framework.

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