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Environmental and Technical Studies Architectural Association

Materials course exploring Environmental and Technical Studies.

This course introduces a range of materials and processes available to architects and designers throughout the design process, whilst encouraging students to re‐think materials from outside the discipline. Artifacts around us are shaped by the materials they are made of, as well as the processes utilized to change the appearance of the material. Some processes may erase or obscure the grain and idiosyncrasies of a certain material; others will accentuate how the material wants to behave, and others still are fused to obtain properties not present in the materials as found. In this course, materials will be introduced in relation to the industrial and craft processes that shape them, opening up possibilities for cross‐pollination from makers’ workshops and biotechnology labs into our design studios. Departing from material experimentation, outcomes will be assessed according to the myriad factors that influence the design – cost, maintenance, environmental impact, and durability, among others. Through lectures and tutorials, students will be encouraged to consider material properties as a design driver, understand the balance between the aforementioned factors, and ultimately developing a broad and innovative awareness of possibilities available.

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