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Digital Romanticism Portfolio Final Crits 2019

Unit Digital Romanticism performing Portfolio Crit at Oxford Brookes University

Brief 2

Brief 2 will be developed in two steps, combining group (initial analyse, research and brainstorming) and individual work. First, we are going to focus on the definition of complex systems stressing various kinds of highly interconnected, adaptive forms of organisation whose key property is their ability to learn and adapt from their environment. The purpose is building a correlation of elements creating a system to then explore its consequences. The brief will explore the interest in biological systems as architectural forms and organisms to build (in the) nature. In a second step, we will define one cell of the system: a shelter to spend a night. In other words, once the system is defined, students individually define an architectural object (enclosure) of the system.

Digital romantics

A constant exploration with physical models and digital tools (Rhino, Maya and Grasshopper) will help us to define the organism. New digital skills will be introduced during this brief.We will produce a 2 mins animation showing our system and shelter performing at night. Which experience are we creating? Which politics of affections are we negotiating? A collection of 3 postcards will capture the new romanticism created by our architectural organism.


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