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Unit F will focus on digital and critical narratives as tools for investigating design and architecture. We will create a domestic disobedience laboratory to generate speculative versions of living environments in the form of inhabitable drawings (animations and VR) and both physical and digital prototype models. We are going to start studying the Poconos honeymoon resorts: Operating under the myth of love, those resorts were a matrix for (re) building the society in post-war America. The emphasis was not on creating sexy environments, but a space where domesticity could be rehearsed and negotiated.



We are going to explore the consequences of introducing both physical and digital mutations in the design process to achieve the best design solution and challenge the politics of space. Students will learn and develop they ron design languages to address each brief using digital tools as well as physical material research. Technology will be key: from project 1, designing an object in detail up to the masterplan and building scale in projects 2 and 3. We will investigate materiality, construction and environmental technologies reflects on their relationship with human behaviour and nature. Unit F will encourage students to develop their own digital design languages to strengthen digital skills and develop complex critical thinking for architectural needs today.

Delfina Bocca

Associate Lecturer


School of Architecture

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

Oxford Brookes University

Headington Campus

Gipsy Lane, Oxford


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