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Location: Venice, Italy.
Year: 2023
Curation Proposal


Following the words of the curator Lesley Lokko during the 18th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale entitled “The Laboratory of the Future”, the proposal for the curation of the Argentinean pavilion is a collective experience on migration as a minority group. The objective of this proposal is to revalue the relationship between migration, local and imported resources: speculating on a more complex and inclusive society using digitalization as the main tool.  Where minority groups, product of forced migration due to social or climate conditions, find community development through collaboration.  Ceasing to be minorities, enhance their own knowledge and cultural wealth.  Aiming on the construction of a political multiculturalism.

Built by immigrants, Argentina multiplied its population at the beginning of last century when the Europeans arrived, welcoming talent, labor, and the resources that each country had for the contribution of a national identity. Within architecture the European migration creates the typology of “conventillos” as collective housing.  Regarding commerce, migrants organized themselves building markets in public spaces where trading of resources took place.  However, in the last 20 years the territory of origin has changed. It is no longer the strong waves of European migration that build our skilled workforce, but the one of our neighboring countries resulting in a strong presence of Latin American culture.  The current migrations are responsible for new typologies and informal models that question the already established ones, actors of our informal spaces.  Informal settlements such as “villas” are the product of the migratory phenomenon towards the cities. In this way designers of new architectural and social typologies of our public space. This process of national evolution due to migration is what we will be looking at from a more recent point in time.

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