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Location: PROA - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Year: 2022
Curation of the exhibition.

Digital Nomad: Architecture and the Metaverse exhibition arises within the framework of the 18th International Architecture Biennial of Buenos Aires to present works on topics related to architecture and the metaverse. Within the PROA 21 space, a program is presented that proposes to show innovation and technology in the field of contemporary architecture, proposing a new collective experience between the user, space and nature. This proposal presents works from different international studios: Xcessive Aesthetics, Space Popular, 2038 New Serenity and Leah Wulfman. The works propose digital and physical interactions defining a hybrid space between the real and the virtual, offering a new immersive experience of the internet. Digital architecture proposes a territory halfway between the real and the virtual and shows how both worlds merge with each other. Flow that goes from the physical to the digital creating mixed and decentralized universes as places of belonging, integration and community, making it possible to visually and acoustically inhabit the virtual space and meet with others in a fully embodied way.

Reality Overloading is the mixed media work of Xcessive Aesthetics, a London-based female collective of architects. Through an image printed and mounted in the PROA 21 exhibition space, an immersive experience is proposed for the user who visits it. The image is constructed using video game software, digital collage and photogrammetry, building a collective narrative that addresses issues related to the occupation of space, both physical and virtual.

The Space Popular studio, a duo based between London and Madrid, presents The Global Home, a film that explores the future of virtual union at home. The film shown during Salone del Mobile 2022, virtually describes domestic environments that are connected to each other. Through this immersive experience you will be able to visit a series of everyday situations questioning the domestication of the spaces we inhabit every day.

The curatorial collective of 2038 - The New Serenity made up of Arno Brandlhuber, Olaf Grawert, Nikolaus Hirsch and Christopher Roth invites you to discover a story between reality and fiction. A series of videos tells of a world in which the use of digital tools has profoundly improved today's society. These films are based on the knowledge and visions of a collaborative team of international experts in architecture, art, ecology, economics, philosophy, politics, science and technology. The work of 2038 strives to explore our future society through prefigurative politics, illustrating modes of organization and new social relations.

Finally, Leah Wulfman, who will be in Buenos Aires between September 25 and October 2, presents Free Dirt, a work with mixed presence and collective reality using interactive robotics and immersive technology. The proposal investigates local nature, working with native plants. Creating a real and virtual garden, it presents a game about the myths of the origin of architecture with parallel headquarters between Fundación Proa and Liberty Research Annex in the United States. Users will be able to manipulate these myths of architecture that are reproduced, made and destroyed. It will be possible to interact simultaneously through live chats through which participants can easily change the dynamics in space and in physical and virtual time.

Space Popular 2022 - The Global Home - 03.jpeg
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